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Jonessa A. Sabandal


Equipping the Saints International Church


Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


January 30, 2002

Life Verse

"The one who calls you is Faithful and He will do it."

1 Thessalonians 5:24

Back Story

I am a daughter of a pastor, I serve in our church and God uses me in many other ministries in our church. Back then for me it doesn't mean if you are a daughter of a pastor the way you think, live, or act is like him because he was a pastor and that's the way people see me as a daughter of a pastor, living like "pastor", but because you are a daughter of a pastor, no choice for the sake of your father's image to the people you must avoid the things that can affect to your father's image as a pastor, but they don't know that I have a lot of questions, confusions, struggles, and weaknesses that only the Lord knows. One time I heard our mentor testifying about the life of her students in the School of YADA and how God change them and use them mightly. At that moment I desire, "I hope I am one of the students of the School of YADA so that I can experience what they experience choosing God", then I laugh I realize that I don't have a calling to the nation, I realize that I don't have any prophecy to go to School of YADA because for me it's only the people who have a calling can go there. But I don't know why my heart keeps talking to the Lord saying," Lord if you want me to the School of YADA you will use one person to approach me to go to that school, my mind saying, "I hope teacher Dinah will come and tell me to go to school, but I rebuke myself saying 'Lord if it is Your will have your way'.As the day goes by,(to make the story short) the Lord answer my heart's desire and the person He use to tell me to go to school is the person that's in my mind, as you remember that I rebuked in myself, and that person is my mentor one of the teachers of School of YADA, "Teacher Dinah" (I was amazed, shock) when she told me to go to the school of YADA, after she told me, I can't believe that God proves me that indeed He is the God who answers our prayer and the heart's desire until now I'm so grateful and thank that God put me to this.

How did coming to the School of Yada change my life?

Coming to the School of YADA really helps me to change my old ways to God's ways, and because of this School I experience a lot of amazing things that I can't count on and I deeply understand what the true or real esence, power, and how important prayer and faith to our lives and to our ministry that God has entrusted to us. Because of this School, I learned how to pray intimately to the Lord and I learned also how to stand firm through faith by not listening to my emotions. And because of this School of YADA I change my perspective in life, and that is to offer my life to the Lord so that He will use me for His glory. I see how important to YADA God that the people must know so that they will also know how to reign in life is to YADA God only.

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