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Karen Mae G. Fuentes


Church of Faith


Talisay City, Negros Occidental


February 20, 2002

Life Verse

The least of them will become a thousand, and the smallest one a mighty nation. "I am the LORD; When the time is right, I will do this swiftly."

Isaiah 60:22 ISV

How did coming to the school of Yada change my life?

Coming to the School of Yada drastically altered my life in a short amount of time, separating me far too much from my former self. I also met people who later became my family and friends. The privilege of attending the School of Yada has also completely altered my entire being. As a result, I now know Jesus better and better every day and have learned to seek His presence wherever I am. Because of this privilege, I have improved my daily and nightly prayer, gained an understanding of the genuine purpose of fasting and prayer, developed my sense of integrity, and taken more beneficial Christian action. It is an honor to be part of this school, and a great memory and experience to share with the people I'm with outside of our school.

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