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Ricalyn M. Pajunar


Equipping the Saints International Church


Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


July 14, 1998

Life Verse

"For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things."

Romans 11:36

To Him be the glory forever! Amen

Back Story:

I was once lost. what I mean when I say "I was lost" is that I am aware that I am breathing I am living but I don't know which way should I take or which road should I walk. Simply I was lost and I don't know where will I go. Until one day, I encounter the one who gives me this life I encounter the love of Jesus in a retreat. He showed me that He is the way the truth and the life. He open my blind eyes and showed me that I have a purpose. At that moment I knew that I was found by Jesus Christ. So I was once lost but now I AM FOUND.

How did coming to the school of Yada changed my life?

I know and believe that the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jacob who shows wondrous works before His people is the same God who showed us a miracle. We had a Christian crusade at Hda. Consolacion that time and there was a typhoon so literally, it was raining heavily that day we prayed and we received a lot of impressions, visions, and word from God that day. God told me in my spirit that " Just walk, there's no rain in there" so I asked for confirmation from the Lord and He confirmed it. so By faith, we walked and we believe that God will deliver us from the Red sea and have victory as HE DID! when we arrived there, there is no rain LITERALLY and the sun shines so bright in Hda. Consolacion that time. and God really holds the rain while we are having the crusade and when it's done, that's the time when it starts to rain and Indeed. He is the God who delivered us and let us experience what Moses and the Israelites experienced. It changed my life because GOD is still able to do such things beyond what man can comprehend, it changes my mindset from "can't" to "can" God used our teachers to help us how to listen and obey the Holy Spirit and right now I can say that School of Yada is really an instrument that God uses for His people to be equipped and to show His signs and wonders for His glory. School of Yada taught me how to live with integrity, pray like Daniel and live like Jesus Christ. To all my teachers, thank you for helping us to be more like Christ, and truly your lives have been a great blessing and example to us and every individual may God bless you and the desires of your heart, and may God continue to unite all of you in one heart, one mind, one will, and One Spirt. Thank you and To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY FOREVER!

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