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Rhiyan Shine C. Telebrico


Christ Centered Church


Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


September 12, 2007

Life Verse

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.” God is listening to our prayers. It might seem like He is silent, but we can know for a fact He hears us.

Psalm 34:17

Back Story

I'm just a simple kid who dreams to finish my studies and help my parents and my siblings. After our father died, I and my siblings grow up without a father, and it was very difficult. I had so many questions that no one could answer. I felt envious whenever I see a complete and happy family. I had the perception that they were way better than us. I always dreamt of a complete family, especially during special occasions like Christmas, New Year, or my birthday but that did not happen. I always question God why He allowed these things to happen to us.

Our grandmother always encourages us to trust God because, with Him, nothing is impossible. She was so religious and urged us to pray always because God always listens when we pray. But, why couldn't He answer my prayer to be with our Dad again? I came to a point where I got tired of praying.

Before meeting Pastor Aljon who evangelized and shared the truth about Jesus with our family, grandma was a devout Catholic and she used to offer food to our deceased loved ones. Sometimes, I used to wake up at midnight and see if I could get the chance to see dad eating the food grandma had offered. I found out, it wasn't true.

How did coming to the School of Yada change my life?

As we continue serving the Lord faithfully, Pastor Aljon approached my grandma if she would allow me to enroll at the School of Yada. Grandma encouraged me to come here because she knew I would learn many things. Initially, I agreed, but I had so many doubts and questions because I was too young, I was only fourteen.

I heard a voice telling my heart that I should come here. I knew this could be my opportunity to meet true friends because I didn't have any. Sure enough, God gave me thirteen true friends, my classmates, and my teachers, which I didn't expect to be that many. All my questions are answered, and I met my father (God the Father). I have experienced things I have never experienced before, the fun and the friendship that I had been longing for.

I thank the Lord for the School of Yada because here I found what I had been looking for a long time. I am proud to be a product of this school. Here I witnessed my fears and timidity disappear. The School of Yada has helped me so much.

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