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Dolly and I returned to our home in America safe and sound. The water pipes under our home had froze and broke. We ended up having to cut the floor out of our bathroom to find the problem and repair. We now have two large tunnels we had to dig to get under the house to fill back in and the floor to repair. It is warm here now and Dolly is working every day raking leaves and helping me. So different than in the Philippines. Here we do everything ourselves. We have been amazed at the excellent way Rick has been redesigning the website and developing our new site, Lets all pray for him and the quarantine. He is in Bacolod and at this time can not return to his family. We are also in prayer for the students stranded at the school in need of support because of all the added expenses for visa extensions and other things. We know God will make a way as we fast and pray.

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