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...but the people who yada their God shall be stong
and carry out great exploits.

How It All Started

Training to be a missionary is a long, difficult, and many times painful journey. First, there is the unbelievable cost of going through the Bible school. Then you must face the language barrier. Then the cultural and climate dangers everyone must face in order to infiltrate society. After arrival in the strange land, many missionaries spend years of trial and heartache trying to establish themselves. The other part is the financial need of the foreigner while they are trying to survive and minister.

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What if this didn't have to be this way?


What if we just went to those nations and found people who were already there that had been evangelized and desired to be trained and equipped to preach the Gospel to their own people. What if we just took them to a place and poured our lives into them, night and day for 4 to 6 months, and then sent them back. No language barrier, no financial barrier. There would be no cultural issues, and climate and diet problems would not even be a consideration. What if instead of them learning the right things to say and do, they learned to heal the sick and cast out demons and minister the power and reality of the Holy Spirit, so when they went home, they took the resurrection power of Jesus Christ with them.

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Step 1


Option 1: Fill out the application for admission form online.


Option 2: Download and print the form, fill it out and send it back to us as soon as you can at

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Step 2


Complete the Online Entrance Exams, read the instructions carefully, and answer every question with integrity.

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We have a clear vision of developing soldiers of love that are Bible-based, of impeccable character, developed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and fully equipped to impact the world.

Pastor Jim O'Connor


Ptr. Emmanuel B. Sackie, Senior Pastor - ETSIC Liberia, West Africa

During my studies in the Philippines, the Lord was able to use me mightily, through the power of the Holy Spirit I was able to speak in tongue and also prophesy. First, in my Christian life, I was able to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The ETSIM has changed entirely thinking about Church ministry.

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