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Beyond Borders: Phop Phra, Thailand

Guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit’s divine calling. With the continuous support of our beloved founders, Pastors Jim, and Dolly O’Connor, and a dedicated team of 9 God’s laborers from the Philippines, four of them are recent School of Yada graduates, joined by our teachers, staff, and Senior Pastor.

Bangkok, Thailand

We were overjoyed to see Pao, our Thai sister and our invaluable contact in Thailand who once resided under the roof of Teacher Dinah and Brother Henry's house in Bangkok for over 5 years while pursuing her studies. During this time, Teacher Dinah and Brother Henry served as missionaries in Thailand before joining Equipping the Saints International. Their journey led them to countless places and villages across Thailand and beyond, often in the company of Pao.

Sister Pao

Our first stop was Pao's family and Church, driven by her deep desire for these individuals to experience the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Meeting Pao's family in their house in Phop Phra

Visiting Pao sister's farm

Today, we ministered to a diverse congregation hailing from various churches and nationalities – including the Myanmar Nationals (from the Karen Tribe) and Thai people – all assembled at the Church of Peace, where Pao has found her spiritual home.

Brother Christian ministering to the Youths in Phop Phra

This church resides within the Phop Phra District, nestled in the Province of Tak, part of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Pao's Village in Phop Phra District, Province of Tak

Tak is one of the seventy-seven provinces in Thailand and is situated in the lower northern region. It lies approximately 538 kilometers (334 miles) from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and requires a journey of 9 to 10 hours by bus.

Jesus loves the little children

Today, our ministry extends to children, youth, men, women, and church leaders. We endeavored to impart Christ's boundless love and the tangible reality of the Holy Spirit.

We will be visiting more provinces and villages in the following days, and hoping to reunite with our former students.

We humbly request you to continue to pray with us as we carry out this sacred mission.

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