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In Faith: Christianity in the Now

Christianity isn't religion—it's a life. While other faiths dwell in the past or speak of the future, true Christianity is rooted in the present moment. It surpasses mere words and philosophies, for it holds power and authority in the here and now. As beings made in His likeness, we are called to be people of faith. Let us be the true Church, carrying our cross and embracing the fire and wind of Pentecost. May we be driven to the ends of the Earth, carrying the power of the kingdom and fulfilling the Father's will in these crucial days. True glorification of God does not rely on emotional worship gatherings. We serve a God of the present, and as His people, we are called to live in the now. We must pray, speak, walk, and go in faith.

To our Savior Jesus Christ be all the praise and honor and Glory forever and ever.

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