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One Who Scatters

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

Proverbs 11:24

When we become generous givers, we are like scattering seeds into the field, which brings a great harvest. This is not merely scattering wastefully. We can find this true in 2 Corinthians 9:8-13.

We give as a seed and release our faith that God is going to keep his promise to us, in causing the good measure and running over. After giving in faith, we watch for our Lord to appear at the point of our need with his deliverance. Even if it takes a miracle!

When we give, we must give by faith, and release our faith in the provision that is already ours through Christ Jesus. Instead of saying to ourselves, “I don't even have enough to pay my bills, how can I give?” We say to ourselves, “I will give to God my seed from out of my need. I will release my faith and believe the living God of heaven will manifest his power and reality to me in providing for my financial needs.”

The same way we take a seed and plant it in the ground, so too must we plant this seed into the Lord. Once we put a seed in the ground, it will never again be good for anything unless God brings it forth in new life. So, it is with the money we give to God, it is gone now forever. We cannot use it for food or for sale. Once the seed is in the ground, it is never again good for anything unless new life comes forth. So, it is with our giving. The God of the sowing is also the God of the rain, the earth, and the harvest. The same God who causes the wheat and the rice to grow is also the God who causes our tithes and offerings to grow. One is in the natural and takes the rain and sun to grow. The other is in the spiritual and takes our faith and our prayers to grow. Both require faith and patience, and in the end, bring forth the bounty of harvest.

(O'Connor, 2013)

We never lose when we give generously unto God and His work.

REFERENCE: O’Connor, J. (2013). From Curse To Covenant. Golden Chalice Publications.

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