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Footprints in the Mountains

We rarely document our ministries, and one of the reasons is that we believe the Father openly rewards what He sees us doing in secret. Another thing we've noticed is that the Holy Spirit is often performing mighty works when cameras are off. But we will only share our experiences as a testimony and give our brothers and sisters a sneak peek into what we're doing.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation

Today, my wife and I, together with our 6-year-old daughter, went to the mountains near our farm in Guihulngan City, Negros Island.

A couple living nearby graciously volunteered to take care of our farm, and we wholeheartedly welcomed the chance to share the Gospel of Christ with them. Their hearts were open and receptive. And now, with each visit to our farm, we are grateful for the opportunity to engage in meaningful Bible studies with them.

The closest main road to this location is about 2 to 3 kilometers away, and a year ago, it was quite challenging to travel due to its unpaved and hard-to-reach condition.

A Glimpse into the Past: Testament to Perseverance and Determination

However, after months of earnest prayer, we are delighted that 80% of the road is paved. While we still have a few kilometers to walk, it is these challenges that make evangelism so rewarding.

Paved Through Prayers: 80% of the road is now paved

Gospel Highways

We have observed a remarkable pattern during our ministries: wherever we go, and wherever the roads are in poor condition, God is actively paving the way for us. It is incredible to witness how, in every location where we carry out our ministry, positive changes are taking place on the roads. We firmly believe that these occurrences are not mere coincidences, but clear evidence of God's hand at work.

Driving on Water

I recall a challenging experience during our missionary work. It was a rainy day, and I found myself riding my motorbike along a river, with the trail becoming increasingly slippery. This particular incident occurred while we were engaged in house evangelism.

My motorcycle got stuck in the muddy riverbank, presenting us with an additional obstacle. However, it was a moment of divine intervention when the children whom my wife had been teaching Bible lessons came to our aid. Their small hands eagerly helped us free the motorcycle from its muddy trap. It was a beautiful display of their genuine willingness to serve.

At that moment, as we struggled to navigate our way out of the river, I turned my heart towards God and whispered a prayer or a murmur. I expressed my faith, acknowledging that He saw everything we were going through. With a confident voice, I uttered, "Lord, I trust that You are witnessing this situation, and I believe You will provide us with a vehicle."

Little did we know what awaited us in the journey ahead. It was a testament to the boundless grace of God that, in due time, we were blessed with the provision of a vehicle. Looking back, that moment of being stuck in the mud and uttering that heartfelt prayer became a pivotal point in our missionary journey. It was a reminder that God sees our struggles and is always faithful to fulfilling His promises. It strengthened our resolve to continue serving Him with unwavering dedication, knowing that He is the one who equips and provides for our every need.

May this testimony serve as a testament to the glory of God. May it inspire others to trust in His sovereignty and embrace the challenges that come their way. May it ignite a flame of faith, reminding us all that when we place our trust in God, miracles happen.

To God be all the glory, honor, and praise, now and forevermore!

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