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Rainy Journey, Victorious Mission

Spreading the Gospel in La Carlota City

Greetings, dear readers! I am Pastor Aljon Gilgon, Senior Pastor of Christ-Centered Church in Hacienda Edmar, Bacolod City.

Today, I want to share with you a remarkable experience that my fellow church servants and I had as we went to La Carlota City, a landlocked city on Negros Island, located about 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Bacolod. Despite encountering heavy rain along the way, we journeyed joyfully on my tricycle, getting wet in the process, to fulfill our mission of evangelizing and sharing the message of the Gospel of Christ with Brother Lester's parents and relatives in a village in La Carlota City.

As we set out on our journey, rain poured down relentlessly. However, our spirits remained undeterred. We started off on the trip with joy in our hearts, completely aware of the goal we had in mind. Despite the rain soaking us, particularly myself as I drove the tricycle, our determination to spread the good news remained unshaken.

Arriving at the village in La Carlota City, we were greeted by the warm embrace of Brother Lester's parents and relatives. Our soggy clothes and wet hair did not dampen the enthusiasm within us as we engaged in heartfelt conversations. We shared the profound message of Christ's love, emphasizing the transformative power it holds for each individual.

Spreading the Gospel:

During our short stay there, we witnessed hearts being touched and lives being changed as we shared the Gospel. The joy that radiated from within us was evident, inspiring those we interacted with and leaving a lasting impact.

As we bid farewell to Brother Lester's parents and relatives, our hearts were filled with a sense of accomplishment and victory. We knew that we had faithfully fulfilled our mission of spreading the Gospel in La Carlota City. Despite the challenges posed by the heavy rain, we persevered with unwavering joy, knowing that the message of Christ's love had reached the hearts of those who needed it most.

On our journey back home, even though we were wet and weary, our spirits soared with gratitude and happiness. We rejoiced in the knowledge that our efforts had not been in vain, and that we had been part of something truly significant.

Our journey to La Carlota City, though accompanied by heavy rain, was an unforgettable experience for our church community. We braved the weather, driven by a deep desire to share the transformative power of Christ's love. Despite getting wet and facing the challenges that came our way, we emerged victorious, knowing that we had made a difference in the lives of Brother Lester's loved ones.

May this journey serve as a reminder that, in the pursuit of spreading the Gospel, no obstacle is insurmountable. Let us embrace every opportunity to share the message of Christ's love, regardless of the circumstances. Together, we can bring joy and victory to those who are in need of hope.

With hearts full of joy and gratitude, we press on, knowing that our efforts to spread the Gospel will always yield triumphant results.

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