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Road Warriors of Faith

Capturing Moments of Faith: Pastor Libe and Pastora Lilibeth on their Journey to Outreaches, Spreading God's Love on Their Trusted 14-Year-Old Motorcycle
"We want to give thanks to God for the School of Yada, a special place where we learned how to worship the true and living God, have faith in Him, and live according to His plans."

— Pastors Libe and Lilibeth, 3rd Batch Graduates, School of Yada

Let me share with you the incredible story of Pastor Libe and Pastora Lilibeth, a couple who both graduated from the School of Yada, 3rd Batch. Their son, Christian, also graduated from the most recent batch. Their journey is truly inspiring!

After finishing school, Pastor Libe, Pastora Lilibeth, and their family faced many tough times and difficulties. But they didn't give up on serving the Lord. In fact, they established the Church Of Faith in Hacienda San Isidro, Talisay City. They worked hard to spread the message of God's love and bring more people to Him.

Growing in Faith: The Church of Faith in Hacienda San Isidro, Talisay City, Welcoming an Increasing Number of Believers

Even though they only had an old motorcycle that was 14 years old, they traveled far and wide to share the good news of the Gospel.

Pastor Libe and Pastora Lilibeth's Faithful Companion - Their 14-Year-Old Motorcycle

They went to places like Hacienda Consolacion, Barangay Granada, Bacolod City, Hacienda Cataywa, and Arao. It wasn't always easy, as the roads were often challenging. But they never lost their faith, and God blessed their journeys.

"I count myself blessed that God anointed that motorcycle. The Lord is always there to bless us and it is our joy to serve Him, regardless of how far the place is and no matter how difficult the roads are."

— Pastor Libe Palomar

They are grateful for the ministry that God has entrusted to them, including their united prayer and fasting, prayer meetings, and bible studies.

And now, they are excited to announce that the Church Of Faith Consolacion will soon celebrate its 1st Anniversary on June 18, 2023.

A Year of Faithful Service: Church of Faith's Daughter Church in Hacienda Consolacion, Bacolod City, Prepares to Celebrate its First Anniversary on June 18th

Praise God for everything He has done in the lives of Pastor Libe, Pastora Lilibeth, and their family. They have been transformed by their time at the school, and their story encourages us to seek God's will, stay strong in our faith, and be thankful in every situation.

Let us be inspired by Pastor Libe, Pastora Lilibeth, and their family to grow closer to God, stand firm during hard times, and find joy in serving Him, no matter what happens. We should all take a moment to appreciate the amazing work that God continues to do through His faithful servants.

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