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Seeds of Faith

Hey, everyone! I'm Rica Jane Flores Silva, and I'm thrilled to share the incredible journey I've been on - teaching children in a rather surprising location, the "Ihawan (slaughterhouse). It's been such a blessing to witness these kids grow in God's love and their eagerness to learn.

A Graduation Moment at the School of Yada, where Seeds of Faith Blossom

Let me take you back to a special moment in my story. Back when I was in Bacolod when I was still a student of the School of Yada, a Spirit-filled Bible and Ministerial training school, I was deeply committed to a clear vision, I prayed earnestly, seeking guidance on what to name this incredible outreach ministry that started with a tiny seed of faith. And you won't believe what happened next! During that heartfelt prayer, a thought popped into my mind: "Seed Faith Outreach Ministry." It felt as if God Himself whispered it to me, providing a clear sign that this ministry, like a carefully planted seed, would bring forth abundant blessings.

Guihulngan City, situated in Negros Oriental, Philippines, serves as the inspiring setting for the Seed Faith Outreach Ministry. With its friendly community and picturesque backdrop, Guihulngan City adds depth and beauty to the incredible journey of this ministry.

After completing my studies, I eagerly returned to Guihulngan City, ready to pour my heart into teaching these amazing children. Despite the challenges we face, their determination to learn has been truly inspiring. We recently celebrated our first anniversary last December, and it fills my heart with gratitude to witness their growth, not only in their academics but also in their understanding of God's word.

Embracing the Journey with these Amazing Children in our Humble 'Kubo'

Our learning environment is far from ordinary. Picture this - our classroom is a small "kubo," a traditional Filipino hut, which sometimes doubles as a pig pen due to limited space. And when we need a flat surface for activities, well, we have to gather near the pigs. Talk about unexpected companies, right? On top of that, rainy days pose a real challenge. Our humble "kubo" doesn't have a proper roof, so it gets incredibly muddy. It makes conducting classes quite difficult. But you know what? These kids never give up. Their resilience and determination are truly inspiring.

Throughout this incredible journey, I wholeheartedly believe that God sees the pure hearts of these children. I've witnessed countless blessings pouring into their lives. And here's the best part - God never fails to provide for our needs, whether they're physical, spiritual, or financial. It's simply amazing! Being the only one responsible for these kids in the ministry can be overwhelming at times. But you know what keeps me going? My unwavering trust in the Lord. I firmly believe that He's always working behind the scenes. And the best part? I'm never alone. God promised to be right there by my side, never leaving me.

This journey of teaching these incredible children in such unexpected circumstances has been nothing short of extraordinary. From that special revelation to our joyous celebrations and the unwavering determination of these young learners, I'm constantly reminded of the incredible power of faith and its transformative impact on their lives. As we move forward, I firmly believe that God's blessings will continue to overflow. Together, we're overcoming obstacles, breaking barriers, and witnessing the amazing growth of these wonderful children in God's love.

I invite you to join me in celebrating this extraordinary journey of faith, resilience, and God's unwavering love. Let's inspire others to never lose sight of the miracles that can emerge from the most unexpected places.

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